Amongst Grammys ceremonies and pop giants’ album drops, some of March’s best records flew under the radar in the chaos. Stay up in the loop with these five records that can’t be missed. Photo by Brooke Marsh.

Driver // Adult Mom

The official follow-up to their 2017 record, Soft Spots, Driver sees singer-songwriter Stevie Knipes in a new form, moving from their previous record’s lo-fi sounds to a fuller pop body. With their sharp, witty, and oft-emotional lyricism at the center, Adult Mom moves between sounds and atmosphere, exploring 808-ridden pop, punk, and folk all within the album’s concise 10 tracks. Knipes shows both confidence and vulnerability throughout the entire record, painting a beautiful, confessional, and humorous coming-of-age story that is perfect for both a sunny drive or a cry in the shower.

Chez Kane // Chez Kane

Welsh rocker and Kane’d front lady Chez Kane is bringing the 80s back in style with her self-titled solo debut. Channeling the hard rock energy of bands like Def Leppard, Chez Kane is packed to the brim with 80s rock energy, transporting you to another time and place where you’ll find yourself forgetting that the music you’re listening to didn’t come from a bygone era. This one’s flown way too under the radar for how good it is. It’s a perfect record for anyone wanting to capture that unbridled energy and raw rock spirit. Turn it up to 11.

Graceful Rage // Harmony Woods

Some records just punch you right in the gut, beckoning a visceral emotional reaction with their combination of powerful words, lush instrumentals, and raw vocal performance. Harmony Woods’ surprise record, Graceful Rage, is one such album. Within its tight 34 minute runtime, Sofia Verbilla takes listeners on a journey through the aftermath of a traumatic experience, confronting the raw emotion that’s left in the rubble. It’s poignant, emotional, gut-wrenching, and absolutely gorgeous from front to back. Listen intently.

Today We’re the Greatest // Middle Kids

Australian trio Middle Kids have taken a turn in sound, trading in the harder-edged rock of their previous records and finding a soft place to land in an indie-pop sphere. Though some may miss the energy of their last record, Today We’re the Greatest feels like a fitting transformation for the current state of the world, offering up great vocal performances from lead singer Hannah Joy, introspective lyrics, and all packaged in a production that sounds like liquid sunshine. Take this one out on a sunny day.

KIDS // Noga Erez

If you’re a fan of the bouncy dark pop of Billie Eilish, Israeli electro-pop singer and producer Noga Erez’s sophomore album KIDS is a must-listen. Front to back, there’s not a dull moment on the tracklist. Every song bounces and explodes, growing from a minimalist root to a maximalist pop explosion, with catchy pop hooks that cleverly hide powerful political messages within their glossy body. It’s a record that deserves the repeat button, and–thus far–undeniably holds the title for best pop record of the year.

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