About Indie/Alt

Indie/Alt is an online music and entertainment magazine published by journalist Bren Swogger. Initially conceived as a small music blog in 2013, Indie/Alt was home to Bren’s music writing, including band interviews, concert reviews, album reviews, and more. As Bren journeyed on to writing for other publications, as well as pursuing their higher education, Indie/Alt faded from view, and its future was left uncertain. In 2020, during their senior year of college, Bren decided to return to their roots with Indie/Alt, using their capstone project to bring it back to life in its current form.

About Bren Swogger

Bren Swogger is the lead writer and editor for Indie/Alt. They have been in the music journalism field for the past eight years, writing for the previous iteration of Indie/Alt, Vortex Music Magazine, #WomxnCrush Music’s The Crush, as well as The Pacific Index, where they acted as editor-in-chief and digital editor. In May 2021, Bren graduated summa cum laude from Pacific University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. They currently live at home with their family in Oregon City. Follow Bren on Twitter and Instagram @indiealtpdx.


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