Dearest Readers,

It’s been ten years since I started this journey—ten years since a little high school sophomore discovered a joint love of journalism and live music and decided to create a WordPress site to share it with the world.

Since its inception all the way back in 2013, to its new form in the relaunch in 2020, Indie/Alt has been solely a music publication. It was born of my passions as a wide-eyed teen discovering the Portland music scene, and driven home as I pursued that passion all the way to my college degree.

But one thing I’ve realized, more recently than I care to admit, is that interests and passions change. Especially over a ten year span. Especially since you’re just a kid in high school. 

Music is obviously a huge passion of mine still, and will always be. But in the decade since, I’ve discovered passion in more fields, and rediscovered a draw to others. In college, I began to explore my own passion for film, an area of study that I wish I had fallen into sooner. I also have more recently been reconnecting with my original artistic outlet: fiction writing.

Overall, I’ve felt a calling to go down different paths, to branch out and explore and express myself in more ways than I have allowed. Which begged the question… What becomes of this music publication I’ve dedicated so much of my life to?

In questioning what exactly I wanted Indie/Alt to be going into its next decade of existence, I decided that Indie/Alt could be whatever I—whatever WE—wanted it to be. When it comes down to it, my passion lies in art—in creativity as a force itself, and in providing an outlet to explore and embrace that creativity and passion.

The spirit of this publication is in its name. No matter the art form or what we share, we are here to promote and uplift an independent spirit of creativity and an alternative form of artistic expression. That is the blood that runs through the Indie/Alt veins, and I hope in opening up this wonderful thing that we’ve created together, we can continue to create, love, and share.

Thank you.

Bren Swogger, Editor & Founder

About Indie/Alt

Indie/Alt is an online zine and creative collective dedicated to promoting and uplifting an independent spirit of creativity and an alternative form of artistic expression. Indie/Alt welcomes creative expressions, criticisms, and art forms of all kinds: from live music reviews and photography, to short fiction, poetry, film reviews, interviews, essays, conceptual and portrait photography, and everything in between. Indie/Alt was created in 2013 and continues to be independently run by writer Bren Swogger.

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