Touring behind their debut album Prelude to Ecstasy, London’s The Last Dinner Party made their Portland debut with a sold out show at Crystal Ballroom and an intimate acoustic set at Mississippi Studios. Words and photos by Jenny Shackleton.

On April 9, 2024, the historic Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Oregon, witnessed an unforgettable evening of music as The Last Dinner Party took the stage. The crowd buzzed with anticipation, enveloped by the venue’s vaulted ceilings, grand chandeliers, and famous “floating” dance floor.

The band’s eclectic sound blended rock, pop, and indie, captivating the audience from the first note. Highlights from their setlist included the fiery opener “Burn Alive”, the thought-provoking “Caesar on a TV Screen”, and the powerful anthem “The Feminine Urge”. Soulful ballads like “Beautiful Boy” and infectious grooves like “Gjuha” kept the energy alive.

As the night drew to a close, the encore featured the high-energy track “Godzilla”, leaving the crowd jumping. The final moments, with “My Lady of Mercy” and “Nothing Matters”, left a lingering sense of longing.

Earlier that day, The Last Dinner Party treated fans to an intimate acoustic radio show at Mississippi Studios. Stripped down to acoustic guitars and soulful vocals, they performed four songs from their debut album Prelude to Ecstasy. The cozy ambiance allowed for connection and authenticity, creating a rare treat for fans.

From the grandeur of the Crystal Ballroom to the intimacy of Mississippi Studios, The Last Dinner Party showcased their versatility, leaving an indelible mark on Portland’s music scene. Keep an eye out for their next visit—it’s bound to be another unforgettable experience!

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Jenny Shackleton (she/her) is a photographer based in Portland, OR, originally hailing from Philadelphia, PA. Her love for live music started over 15 years ago after seeing the Jonas Brothers perform on their Burning Up tour in 2008 and the rest is history. As a naturally shy person, it’s surprising she feels so comfortable at concerts with hundreds of people attending, but has always believed that they are special, somewhat liminal, spaces. Everyone is there for the same reason: to have the best night and see artists pour their souls’ onto the stage. That is what Jenny likes to capture in her photos. Jenny enjoys spending time outside with her partner and their dog, watching movies, and owning way too many sneakers.