British pop-rocker Dylan electrified the stage at Toronto’s Axis Club this past weekend, marking the grand finale of her whirlwind “The Rebel Child” world tour, which traversed Europe, Australia, America, and finally, Canada. Words and photos by Serena Yang.

Kicking off the evening with the anthemic “Rebel Child,” DYLAN and her bandmates exuded undeniable charisma and chemistry, captivating the audience from the first chord. Fans were treated to a showcase of her burgeoning discography, with standout tracks like “Girl Of Your Dreams,” “Liar Liar,” “You’re Not Harry Styles,” and “Nothing Lasts Forever” igniting the crowd’s energy. Adding to the excitement, she teased listeners with a preview of her unreleased single, the cheeky post-breakup anthem “Perfect Revenge.”

As the night unfolded, DYLAN introduced her latest release, “The Alibi,” a poignant reflection on love and loyalty. Exploring themes of standing by someone through thick and thin, she shared how the song’s meaning evolved during the tour, morphing from a narrative of toxic dependency to an ode to the loving community she’s built with her fans. “You have given me such a place in this planet that I have been looking for my entire life,” she expressed, thanking the crowd earnestly.

With her magnetic stage presence and infectious energy, DYLAN proves herself to be a rising star. As she teased the impending release of her debut album, the anticipation among fans soared, solidifying her status as an artist to watch.

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Serena Yang is a concert, fashion, and event photographer from Ottawa.