Blondshell kicked off her first headline tour in Portland, OR on July 7th after releasing her debut self-titled album in April of this year. Photos and words by Jenny Shackleton.

With support from young trio Hello Mary, Blondshell sold out Polaris Hall on July 7th, attended by a melting pot of fans from all ages.

Both artists brought that first-show-of-the-tour energy that the crowd fed off of and gave everything they could back to them in support. Blondshell is the type of up-and-coming artist where in a few years, all the fans from the show will be able to brag to their friends that they saw her perform in a 200 capacity venue. 

Blondshell will be back in Portland in November supporting Liz Phair at Revolution Hall.

Jenny Shackleton (she/her) is a photographer based in Portland, OR, originally hailing from Philadelphia, PA. Her love for live music started over 15 years ago after seeing the Jonas Brothers perform on their Burning Up tour in 2008 and the rest is history. As a naturally shy person, it’s surprising she feels so comfortable at concerts with hundreds of people attending, but has always believed that they are special, somewhat liminal, spaces. Everyone is there for the same reason: to have the best night and see artists pour their souls’ onto the stage. That is what Jenny likes to capture in her photos. Jenny enjoys spending time outside with her partner and their dog, watching movies, and owning way too many sneakers.