Congrats! You’ve unlocked the Vault! Enjoy two brand new, long lost episodes of the ongoing Indie/Alt series, What the F**k Did Taylor Swift Do This Time?, covering Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) and the unforgettable Eras Tour. Recorded with Bren Swogger and Emma Davis in July 2023. Photos courtesy Serena Yang.

It’s been almost a year since we released our last WTFDTSDTT? podcast… but it certainly hasn’t been quiet since. Over the summer, we recorded not one, but TWO podcast episodes, as Taylor Swift brought us gifts in the form of her latest re-recording, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), as well as the record-breaking, unforgettable experience that is the Eras Tour. And in classic Taylor Swift fashion, these two podcast treats sat locked away… until now.

Fresh from the Vault, there are our two lost podcasts episodes, just in time for a quick recap over the past year in Taylor Swift shenanigans, before the release of the Eras Tour film on October 13 and her newest re-recording, 1989, on October 27. So please, sit back, relax, and enjoy this walk down memory lane…

Part One: Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

In the first part of our WTFDTSDTT? (From the Vault) double feature, Bren and Emma take a look back at Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), in a throwback podcast recorded shortly after its release in July, joined by Emma’s girlfriend Mia and their friend Lindsay. 

Part Two: The Eras Tour

In part two of our WTFDTSDTT? (From the Vault) double feature, Bren and Emma, joined by Emma’s girlfriend Mia, talk all things Eras Tour, looking back on their favorite parts of Seattle Night One. 

The Eras Tour film releases this Friday, October 13th in all theaters. Tickets on sale now. 1989 (Taylor’s Version) drops Friday, October 27th.
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Bren Swogger (they/them) is the creator and editor of Indie/Alt Magazine. Bren started Indie/Alt as a music blog during their sophomore year of high school, and after a long hiatus, relaunched it as an online entertainment magazine in 2021 for their capstone project at Pacific University. After 10 years in the music journalism industry, Bren has a long-standing passion for live music, but also loves to explore their passion for other artistic outlets. You can find Bren writing voraciously, adding to their never-ending stack of TBRs, and marathoning classic horror films.

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Emma Davis is a photographer for Indie/Alt Magazine and long-time best friend of editor/creator Bren Swogger. Emma and Bren have been collaborating within the music journalism industry for years, first with Vortex Music Magazine then with Indie/Alt. A graduate from University of Oregon, you can find her writing stories for the Happy Valley News, crying to Taylor Swift, or watching UNHhhh with her girlfriend.