Maisie Peters headlined a sold out MTELUS on August 15 in Montreal, touring her newest record The Good Witch, with support from New Jersey singer-songwriter Grace Enger. Words and photos by Serena Yang. View Serena’s full photo gallery from the show here.

Filled to the brim with excited teenage fans ready to sing and dance their hearts out, 23-year-old British pop-sensation Maisie Peters sold out Montreal’s MTELUS on Tuesday night on her The Good Witch Comes To North America Tour, in support of her latest album which was released in June of this year.

Maisie was joined by supporting act Grace Enger, who opened the show with a gentle solo acoustic set. Her candid songwriting style for sure gained her some new listeners from Peters’ crowd. During “When It Was Over”, many fans learned the chorus through repetition and by the end, the whole crowd was singing along.

To pass the time during the intermission, many fans traded beaded bracelets featuring various song titles and lyrics, a concert tradition growing in popularity since Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. The lights dimmed and Peters emerged on stage, opening her performance with “Coming of Age” and “Body Better”. 

“If you only leave with this one sentence that’s okay…” Peters monologued, introducing her next track “You’re Just A Boy (And I’m Kinda The Man)”, “From the bottom of my heart, from everything that is important, everything that is sacred to us… he’s actually just a boy.”

Reminiscing on the different eras of her career, Peters thanks her fans earnestly before playing a medley of “Two Weeks Ago”, “Worst Of You”, One Direction’s “Night Changes”, and “You Signed Up For This”. “Some of you have listened to me since you’ve had braces, and now you have boyfriends!”, she remarked, beaming. 

After this mellow sector of the night, she brought the energy back with her hit “Not Another Rockstar”: a diss-track for the insufferably pretentious, wannabe-rockstar guys of the world. “Montreal, the irony is who’s the rockstar now?” she playfully asked the sold-out crowd. Peters ended her set with “Cate’s Brother”, the story of her relationship with a Canadian boy which ignited some national pride in the audience, and then coming out for an encore with the achingly beautiful “The History Of Man”, and her feel-good post-breakup song, “Lost The Breakup.”

Peters brought MTELUS to life with her energy, creating a space to dance while you scream cathartically to her lyrics – which in any other setting, you would cry to. Peters performs with the same wit and vulnerability that she writes her music with, her songs perfectly capturing the wistful essence of being a young woman navigating relationships, dreams, and life in general. 

The Good Witch Comes To North America Tour will continue in Portland, OR on August 24th after a quick festival detour in Japan. Tickets and more information at

Serena Yang is a concert, fashion, and event photographer from Ottawa.