Rock and roll won’t save us, but GROUPLOVE will. Words and photos by Paige Fulkerson.

Alternative rock band, GROUPLOVE, stopped off at Portland, Oregon’s Crystal Ballroom for the first time since 2017 on their Rock and Roll You Wont Save Me Tour in support of their 2023 album, I Want It All Right Now. Lead vocalists and power couple, Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi, rocked the historic venue much like when they came in 2017. 

I was lucky enough to have seen the band in action during two very different tours 7 years apart from each other at the very same venue. The band seems to have not aged at all, and their newest album and single had the same vibrant and spunky sound that fans first fell in love with with their 2011 single Tongue Tied. As for their stage presence, the 7 person band rocked together as the ballroom floor lifted everyone into the air. You could easily tell that GROUPLOVE had not only been performing together for almost a decade but that they have been friends for longer. Just like the band’s name, the Crystal Ballroom became a big group of love, dancing and singing along with the band.

Hooper and Zucconi have a lyrical harmony that is irreplaceable. Their voices fit together like puzzle pieces, melting together to create a raw, authentic, and remarkable sound. If you weren’t a fan of GROUPLOVE before, you should be now. Their music takes a unique route through rock and roll, promoting creation of art, love and overall good times.

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