Australian singer-songwriter Ruel brought his debut album 4th Wall World Tour to La Cigale in Paris on September 22, and photographer Sara Jisr was there to capture the magic on stage and in the crowd.

I didn’t have any knowledge on who Ruel was before the opportunity to photograph his tour presented itself, and I left the venue with my mind blown. His live vocals are nothing to joke about and his stage presence was at the level of someone who’s been performing for at least a decade. It was hard not to be in awe of his authentic connection to his dedicated fans, and the way they feed on each others’ energies was such a joy to witness!

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Sara Jisr is a music and fashion photographer from Lebanon, and currently based in Paris. She shoots both 35mm and digital, and lives off the adrenaline of freshly developed photos. Outside of photography, she's a fashion communications student who's heavily inspired by the 60-70s rock scene.